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What is "UFO Consignment"?  

Our UFO Consignment is your opportunity to cleanse your sewing room and your spirit!!  Your mind, soul, and storage space can be cleared by simply consigning that UFO quilt project that's been blocking your ability to move on to a more interesting project.  

If you want to get rid of that unfinished quilt that you started so long ago (or last month), gather up the bits and pieces, decide on how much it's worth and bring it to True Cotton Company.  

We will take a picture and list it on the website.  Some other quilter will look at it with fresh eyes; may decide to adopt (buy) it and finish it. 

You can walk away, knowing that it may go to a new home to become exactly what was intended. 

True Cotton will charge a handling fee of 5% of list price.

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Sad, Lost Project - Needs New Home